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Syvie Christophe, le 15 juillet 2005   I was born in Cognac in 1965.
Sarouk, Iran, milieu XXe s.
Student at the school of architecture then at the art college of Bordeaux, in 1987, I obtain a master's degree of plastic arts to the university of Bordeaux 3. My subject was: " the carpet as source of plastic investigation, or the image in the carpet". It is in 1986 when I inaugurate a work of got back, painted, cut, folded or weave, sewn papers, a work which I pursue even today without major transformation.  
I discover Kuba fabrics of Congo before being constantly charmed and influenced by colors and landscapes of Morocco where I lived during two years.  The carpet stays however my main reference subject; in 1993, I am also interested in the decorations of the Algerian potteries.

Since 1991 and until today, I also direct my work to realizations for the Church based, among other things, on Cistercian motives.

Currently, I work from repainted old road maps, according to my usual process, by inserting lace or unusual objects, sometimes in reference to clothes.

I live and work on Tulle since 1992, and since 2019 I also have an art studio in Toulouse.

"Free artist, Sylvie Christophe works with beautiful made papers hand and some paper of recycling whose stickings she makes. These collections of paper are transformed into materials where symbols of places and recollections mix and meet."

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