Didier CHRISTOPHE / Biographie - Biography 

Didier Christophe was born in Limoges in 1962. He is student, from 1980 till 1986, in the school of the Fine Arts of Bordeaux and in the university of Bordeaux 3, and obtains in 1987 a master degree in communications arts and spectacles with a study on a poet of Bordeaux: psychoanalysis and transpositions around the work of Jean de la Ville of Mirmont.
Didier Christophe à l'atelier, 2005.
It is in Morocco, where he stays from 1987 till 1989, where Didier Christophe elaborates his first own working technique: a work of the lumpy earth, on the motive, in the landscape. Since 1993 and after megaliths, the context of Limousin, place in which he lives since 1990, offers to him to decline its approach from a new motive: cows.

The animal is drawn at first with oil chalk and in the colour. The compositions use acrylic and collages. In the recent works, textual, photographic or graphic counterpoints are added to the drawings of animals or human beings.

Gradually, his subject slid of the animal and bovine breeding towards the conditions of productions in agriculture.

Today, his work turns to a collaboration more and more built with sectors of professional activity where the image is not enough satisfactory for him to approach complex ideas: he feels the need to use writing, with the necessity of the meeting and the experiment of different people.

Now, he uses for the same piece painting, ink and photography. He adds gladly interviews in his installations and his publishing.

In December 2006, he obtained a doctorate in art (PhD, summa cum laude); the subject of it was: the agriculture of a territory in the art experiment.
Since 2016, he is senior teacher fellow and researcher at ENSFEA (National Superior School of Agricultural Education Training,
Federal University of Toulouse), and associate researcher at LARA-SEPPIA laboratory (University of Toulouse).
He has published various books in the humanities and social sciences by L'Harmattan (Paris), as well as numerous articles, and has produced several dozen
of academic and popularization conferences. (See the list).

Didier Christophe lives and works in Tulle and in Toulouse.

He continues to show his art works:  at least 130 exhibitions in Europa (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain).

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