Didier Christophe plays alto saxophone...
on a 1965 H&A Selmer Inc. "Bundy Special", made in Germany by the Julius Keilwerth factory
(stencil of Julius Keilwerth's "The New King" serie IV, with his original neck, S.N. 51883).

Comparison between 3 different metal mouthpieces.
Reeds are Vandoren Java red 3.

1) with Otto Link "Early Babbitt" Super Tone Master 5* (1975-1979), original ligature,
recorded on April, 3rd and 4th, 2017
Stormy Weather (4:25)
There Will Nether Be Another You (5:34)
My Shinning Hour (4:47)

2) with Otto Link Super Tone Master 6 mouthpiece (2012), original ligature,
recorded on February, 16th and 17th, 2017:
When Sunny Gets Blue (6:19)
Georgia On My Mind (4:13)
Tenderly (4:17)

3) with Meyer J6 (contemporary), original ligature,
recorded on April, the 4th, 2017
There Will Nether Be Another You (5:36)
Stormy Weather (4:26)

Tunes from Jamey Aebersol Jazz play-a-longs and jazz books:
Vol. 44, Autumn Leaves (Niels Lan Doki, p; Christian Doki, b; Billy Hart, dms).
Vol 19, Sugar (Hank Marr, org; Jim Rupp, dm

Recorded in Tulle,
with a Zoom H4n recorder friendly supplied by Woïtek Skop.

"Special big thanks to Diane de Bournazel and Augustin Lavaud: through them, I was bitten by the sax bug." DC

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